2600 Glasgow Meetings Homepage


Welcome to the Glasgow, Scotland 2600 meetings home page. Glasgow 2600 meetings are similar to those held around the world. Hackers, crackers, geeks, hats of any colour, technology enthusiasts, hacktivists, and other like-minded folks are most welcome. We do not judge anyone and everyone has something to contribute, no matter their level of expertise.

Unless specified, there are no particular topics or activities set for these meetings, and each one of us is responsible for making them interesting, whether in the form of intelligent discussions or exchange of knowledge. Anything goes.


We meet on the first Friday of every month at 6pm in The Gamer Club, 153 Bath Lane, Glasgow, G2 4RH.

Our next meeting is 6pm on Friday 1st March, 2024 (tonight!) in The Gamer Club, 153 Bath Lane, Glasgow.

Finding Us

Look out for the geeky t-shirts, or ask at the bar for 'the computer group'. Alternatively, let us know you are coming/have arrived on the Matrix chat and we can look out for you.